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Vinay S Joshi

Vinay is an Industrial and Production Engineer, who has been experienced in the field of Manufacturing Technology since the time he graduated. He has worked with companies like Arvind Mills and Lincoln Helios for about 5 years. He then quit and joined his family business, which is a Manufacturing setup of about 20 years old. His family being in manufacturing business from past 2 decades, he has always been interested in manufacturing technology from his school days. During his work at Arvind and Lincoln, he has gained experience in Production Management, Quality and Marketing, which now has become his portfolio at Volmac Components Private Limited. He also is the Managing Director for Volmac Components Private Limited, handling particularly the departments of Production & Quality, apart from managing the overall company affairs

Amruth D B

Amruth is an Industrial and Production Engineer, who has pooled in about 10 years of experience in the field of Software and Industrial Technology. He was a Project Lead at Cognizant Technology Solutions for almost 6 Years after completion of his graduation. While at Cognizant, he gained the experience of managing large teams, while also liaising between Global Customers and Cognizant functions. His stint in the US also gained him the experience of working with various global customers’ functions, gaining him the knowledge on productive structures and methodologies required for excellence in global delivery. After he quit Cognizant, he became an entrepreneur with a group of people in promoting Volmac Components Private Limited, which is a Finish Processing Unit. He handles Product Development and Engineering since then, and has gained experience in developing products with various technical complexities and accuracies, using his technical expertise

Sharath H R

Sharath is a MBA graduate, who started his career as a Business Process Associate in Multi-National companies like Flextronics and Tesco, and gained about 5 years of experience in Global Business Processes. While working for these organizations, he did gain the experience of interacting with International Customers, which brought him to the stage of Marketing. With his family involved in Arecanut business for over 2 decades now, he did have the orientation towards starting and running his own business, which then led him into his entrepreneurial venture into the Manufacturing sector with Volmac Components Private Limited, managing the portfolio of Finance and Marketing


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